Loomis Danes

A.K.C Registered



BREED:_AKC Great Dane     Sex _____

Litter or Reg# or puppy parents names_______________________ 

Date of Birth: __________________________________

Color /Markings of Puppy:________________________


This is a contract between the seller and buyer. 

                  Under no circumstances are refunds made.

Puppy Purchase Price:_       + shipping cost _____________

 Cash( _ )MO(__) PayPal(__)     Total Price:  _                   

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick up or delivery.  

Replacement puppy will be made (with the next available litter and with a puppy of the same price range. 

Same sex as purchased  but same color is not guaranteed) and only if entire requirements are as followed.  

1.      The puppy must be taken to the vet within 48 hrs of purchase and a copy of the vet bill visit

    returned as proof within 2 weeks or this contract is null and void. If puppy is declared to be in a

      life threatening condition by a practicing licensed Vet within 48 hrs of purchase date a written

      report by the D.V.M. must be submitted to seller on DVM letter head with address and telephone

      number of DVM performing physical so our vet can call and clarify issues. 

2.      The puppy is returned to the seller alive within 48 hrs of purchase date at buyer’s expense

      along with all papers, AKC and vet.

3.      If the puppy dies you must have followed your Vet’s advice and have a necropsy performed

     (at buyer’s expense) by your state lab and provide seller copy of report.

4.      Seller doesn’t guarantee against hypoglycemia or any other

      common problems such as diarrhea, wormy stool, coccidiosis, ear mites,

         external parasites, stress due to shipping, or new home.

       Other minor problems are not covered under this guarantee and are the responsibility

        of the buyer.

5.      Any and all veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

6.      All puppies are sold as pets only.  No guarantee will be given as to size, color, quality,

     or fertility.

7.      Puppies are susceptible to pneumonia and other infections due to drafts, cold

     temperatures, and stress from shipping, etc…. 

      They are vulnerable to viral infection including: Parvo and Corona Viruses. 

      Any and all the above  mentioned minor and major need to be checked by your

       D.V.M. if they occur and D.V.M.’s advice for treatment should be followed.

       Improper feeding can cause bloat and HOD this is not covered under our warrenty

8.      Completing the puppy’s infant vaccination series and annual boosters are advised.

9.      Seller will not be responsible for accidents that can happen after pup leaves seller

      or after shipped by plane or picked up by private carrier.

10.  Minor health problems that can be cured by medication/surgery are not covered

     by any guarantee.

11.   If puppy is purchased on a spay/neuter contract (limited registration) puppy must be

     sterilized by 10 months old.  With a written report sent back to seller. 

     If no report is sent within 10 months of age of the puppy buyer will relinquish ownership

    back to seller at buyer’s expense and  no money will be refunded.  We do not except any

    excuses for why the puppy was not altered.

12.  Seller is responsible for all congenital defects of puppy up to six months old (hip dysplasia- xrays

      must be rejected by OFA or by PIN Hip, deafness, demodectic mange, patella luxation,

     heart murmur, etc.) if the  buyer is told of any congenital defect after puppy is six months old seller

    is not responsible for that defect. DVM must state any defect in writing and paper work

     must be provided to seller on DVM letter head with  address and telephone number.

     Puppy must be returned with papers at buyers expense to receive replacement pup.

    Shipping or private carrier transport if required of replacement pup is at expense of buyers.

13.   All legal matters will be handled in Woodward County, city of Woodward, Oklahoma 

   There is no oral representation or warranties not contained herein.  This contract of

    sale contains  the entire agreement between the parties.   All implied guarantees are hereby excluded.


    The Buyer has read and agrees to the above written guarantee on this

     ____Day of ______Year________.


Print name of Buyer__________________                                            





Les & Tammy Loomis / LoomisDanes

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Woodward, Ok 73801