Loomis Danes

A.K.C Registered

They have all touched our hearts

and will forever be a part of us

 and everyone that met them.


                Rest in Peace our beautiful old boy.

                        We miss you and love you 

                        Loomis's Smokey Blue

         departed this world, Tuesday 12/13/2011



Diamond Jack of MTM

Diamond Jack of MTM

Our Clydesdale

Jack went missing on Sunday August 17, 2008 

Jack is 16 years old and has been a part of our family for 12 years. Jack is a gelding 16 hands tall approx. 1250 pounds and Registered with Clydesdale Association. Jack was last seen wearing a purple halter.


Jack has been found on a neighboring property on Christmas Day, 12-25-2008, Jack is no longer with us.Les and I brought him home and buried him on our farm. He will be missed terrible by all of us. I had wanted a clydesdale as a child but my parents always thought they were way to expensive.Then as an adult my dream came true when I found a Clydesdale for sale in the Oklahoma City paper. I called and made the 2 hour drive with the owner promising not to sell him to anyone else before I arrived. but to my dismay when I arrived the Clydesdale in the paper had been sold. Dissappointed I thanked the elderly gentleman and was fixing to leave when he ask if I minded going for a ride with him. After what seemed like traveling for many miles he pulled into a pasture that was filled with draft horses. I had never seen so many in one place in my life. He pointed to this beautiful Clyde and stated he had just gotten him and was unsure what he had planned for him at this time. He assisted me onto his bareback and I rode him around the pasture with nothing but a halter. It was love at first site. Les about fell over when I came pulling in the drive with this beautiful boy.  Jack was so trusting, gentle and loving. He had such apersonality like I had never experienced before in any other horse.  I could do anything I wanted to with him. Jack would lay down and I would sit next to him with his big head in my lap and love on him for hours.He would walk in the house if the door was not closed. He followed me every where I went.  Jack had figured out how to open the back gate and would be standing on the porch in the mornings waiting on me to come outside. I never will forget the time I fell off of him while riding him bareback. He was so broad there was nothing to hang onto, when I started sliding I was gone. Jack stopped and looked at me like what are you doing down there and waited patiently for me toget near a fence so I could climb back on.  When Les and I would be laughing about something,Jack would turn his big lip up and just smile with us. Jack always had to help Les with what everhe was working on. Regardless of whether Les wanted his help or not. When our children were younger they rode him in all the parades and shown him off.  I did not realize how pretty and special Jack really was until I lost him.

Jack was our first Clydesdale that started our love for clydes.


During the time Jack was missing I became acquainted with some wonderful ladies that are active in horse rescue. After hearing about the passing of Jack, they came across a beautiful Clyde colt at an auction that came out of Canada and purchased him while thinking about us. Shortly after he arrived to there home he became deathly ill. Beth kept us up to date on his health progress and multiple pictures were taken. I had never seen a horse with a trach before but with a lot of TLC he survived. Then  transportation from New York to Oklahoma happened.  We can not thank Beth with SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary Inc., enough for all there hard work in saving Jackman's life and Kathy in Colorado along with all the other members of Alex Brown Racing Forum  for all there hard work with making transportation possible for Jackman to our home.  

                                 Boulder Bluff Jackman

                                   This is Jackman as a baby before leaving Canada

      Boulder Bluff Jackman                                                                      
  DOB: May 4, 2008


                              during his illness while in New York

Jackman upon arrival to Oklahoma

and Jackman today, this boy has sure grown. Jackman has a heart of gold with a personality to match. Even with everything he went through he still trusts and enjoys being around people. He plays with patches our donkey and it is the funniest thing to see them chasing each other around the house. Jackman will stretch out in the yard and let you walk up and sit beside him.

We are shocked and saddened by the loss of Baby Jackman. He has died in a terrrible accident on 12/06/2009. We all fell in love with him for the short time we had with him. Rest in peace our beautiful baby boy we miss you.


Please donate and help other horses find homes if you can. Jackman came to us from  SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary Inc., You may contact them at LuvPolo@aol.com or via phone (845) 361 - 2316



We would like to Thank Scott and Lisa with

YKnaught Clydes

from Thorntown Indiana 

for this beautiful boy they shared with us.


Y Knaught Laird Stewart

foaled April 29,2004

baby picture courtesy of Scott and Lisa


           Y Knaught Laird Stewart

AKA: Wart

 As tears are falling down my face I ask once again WHY??
then a wise person said, 
"The lord always takes the best ones first."
"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
 They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love."
Washington Irving
 Wart was the love of my life, he was like loosing my best friend all over again.
He was so smart and I talked to him like he was a person and swore he understood.
   Wart passed away at the vets in my arms on 12/08/2010 a little  before 10 pm
after spending a week there and being there a week before that for a check up,
because I felt he was not acting quiet like himself....
The vets checked him over and thought he was fine. He was tested for
everything imaginable before a respiratory infection was found.
     Everyone was devastated by his loss, for it was so unexpected.
         I truly believe they did all they could to save him.
We had Wart broke to pull but actually used him only 3 times to pull our carriage
the rest of the time we took him just so people could pet him.
He was so pretty everyone wanted to touch him. He so loved the attention.
Our vet stated," a lot of people have horses, but very few actually ever have
 the opportunity to experience the bond and love between an animal and a human.
There are a few rare horses that prefer the company of a human. I can tell this
boy really loves you and you him."
These special few will be standing at the gate waiting on you to come home
or come outside, are smart enough to open the gate and be standing at your
door, will follow you everywhere not because you are going to feed them or
 because they are led but because they choose to spend there time with you.
They have there big noses in the middle of everything you do. 
They walk in the house if by chance the door has not securely closed behind you.
And I have been blessed to of had three of these special soals in my lifetime.
I miss you terrible my beautiful boy, may you run with the wind and be free.  



Turners Heidi
Turners Heidi
AKA: Heidi
Heidi was spay and never recovered from the surgery.
 She will be missed terrible.

Loomis's Graci Ann


http://www.loomisdanes.net/Gracie pedigree.doc

Miss Gracie is one of our babies we raised. She had three litters of beautiful babies for us before she was retired. She has been spayed and now lives with a wonderful family in Kansas. They love her as much as we do and we get pictures often of her in her new home.  


Brook Lynn Willingham

Miss Brook

http://www.loomisdanes.net/Brook Pedigree AKC.doc

  • Miss Brook is one of our babies we raised.
  • Brook produced 2 litters of beautiful babies for us and has
  • been spayed and now lives with a wonderful family in Texas.


Dudgeon's Delites' Daisy

Dudgeon's Delites' Daisy

34 inches 150 lbs 10 yrs

AKA: Daisy

Miss Daisy was around three years old when she became a part of our family.

Daisy has been a wonderful mother and family pet. Daisy has not only cared for her babie but has taken care ofkittens as well as other Dane babies. She has never known a stranger and has been a joy.   She will be missed by all that new and loved her.


Lady Brandy Barbarian of Loomis 

Lady Brandy Barbarian of Loomis

AKA: Brandy

http://www.loomisdanes.net/Brandy pedigree.doc

Miss Brandy was a baby when we purchased her.

Brandy has gone to a family members home to be enjoyed.


Lady Athena Vindanes of Loomis

Lady Athena Vindanes of Loomis

AKA: Annie

Annie has gone to Washington to

be a part of a breeding program



Willingham's Oklahoma Jetta

Miss Jetta

Miss Jetta was a wonderful girl we acquired as a young adult. She produced three beautiful litters of puppies for us during her life. Jetta will be missed terrible by all that new and loved her.

http://www.loomisdanes.net/Jetta pedigree.doc

Taylor Zane


http://www.loomisdanes.net/TaylorAKC Research Pedigree - 5 Generation.htm

This loveable girl came to us from Cottonball Danes as a young adult.  Taylor is so delightful and loving and produced 2 litters of beautiful babies for us. Taylor has now been spayed and has chosen to live with a local family that visits us often.


Feeney's Vegas Show Girl


Feeney's Vegas Show Girl

http://www.loomisdanes.net/AKC Research Pedigree - VEGAS5 Generation.htm

Vegas was acquired as a young adult from Great Plains Danes. She had one litter of puppies while in there care. Vegas has gone to live with a family in a near by town, They wanted her just as a pet for there daughter. We hope they enjoy Vegas as much as we have. Vegas has had 2 litters of puppies for us before she was retired.


Lady Shasta

Lady Shasta

Lady Shasta has been a love. She is one of our babies. Shasta has gone to live with a young lady in OKC. They were friends from the start. You would of thought Shasta new her all her life.




 Scarlett Macaw

Ernie was my baby.  After multiple vet appointments we lost Ernie after our move.   He had been a part of our family for 14 years. I had hand raised Ernie from a baby at one day old. Ernie was buried near Jack.




The move to our new home was hard on Puff. He darted out the door while moving furniture into our new older home. We spent many hours looking for him, but was unable to find him.  We had gotten Puff as a kitten and he was 2 years old.


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