Loomis Danes

A.K.C Registered

Bear and Moon are brother and sister Report Date: 02/07/2010



Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Ruby Blue Bear Mi Amigo Of Loomis

Reg Name: Ruby Blue Bear Mi Amigo Of Loomis
Reg #: WS251549/09 Breed/Variety: Great Dane
Birth Date: 01/16/2008 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Blue
Breeder(s): Amy Ojeda

Ruby Blue Bear Mi Amigo Of Loomis
Pritchard's Blue Smoke Ruby
WS150478/01 02-07
Blue White Markings
AKC DNA #V545815
Wifasa's Ruby In The Rough
WR003017/03 07-02
AKC DNA #V383150
CH Sir David Of Ruby
WP558155/03 11-96
AKC DNA #V139437
CH Sir Lancelot Of Ruby
WG229868 10-90
Di-Link Lady Amy Dee Of Ruby
WP426885/02 08-94
Millenium Midnight Sundance
WP863594/03 02-01
Goughs J D Legacys In Motion
WP614742/07 11-96
AKC DNA #V228045
Farnaby Flamenco Dancer
WP862559/01 10-98 (United Kingdom)
Black & White
L&D Wagner Dog Bolla
WS147053/01 02-06 (Hungary)
Blue White Markings
El Loco Sfinx Azuro
MET Dog4966/99
Blau Blick Abbe
MET Dog1027/96
El Loco Szfinx Elza-Rachel
MET Dog2522/97
Blue Devil Capella
MET Dog7107/01
Paka-Falvi Astra Charly
MET Dog1711/97
Endredpusztai Barbi
MET Dog2987/97
Uxana Amigo Perro
WS238161/01 06-08 (Poland)
OFEL37 AKC DNA #V534487
Nadir Amigo Perro
PKR II-66064
Tristan Bessen
PKR II-45205
Florian V Mendener Berg
DDC 098650
Hetty Bessen
CSHPK 8560/89/92
Karina Amigo Perro
PKR II-50763
Achilles Z Blekitnych Wyde
PKR 18789
Honda Amigo Perro
PKR 17895
Sharon Amigo Perro
PKR II-79714
Ferdjanni Von Der Nibelungenburg
DDC 107414
Darcy Vom Leininger Land
DDC 098455
Bjulah V.D. Nibelungenburg
DDC 102557
Lady Laguna Amigo Perro
PKR II-57870
Achilles Z Blekitnych Wyde
PKR 18789
Honda Amigo Perro
PKR 17895

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